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What kind of notes should you take while reading material for a book report or review?

Notes about favorite parts, puzzling parts, and disagreeable parts

Which of the following questions can help in analyzing and evaluating the material for a book report or review?

Whose point of view does the work present?

What should you consider when asking yourself questions to help analyze and evaluate the material?

Consider both the work's purpose and the author's thesis

Study Notes

Effective Note-Taking for a Book Report or Review

  • When reading material for a book report or review, take notes that help analyze and evaluate the content, focusing on key ideas, themes, and supporting details.

Analyzing and Evaluating the Material

  • Ask questions to help analyze and evaluate the material, such as:
    • What is the main idea or theme of the book?
    • What are the author's purposes and biases?
    • What are the supporting details and evidence?
    • How does the author structure the text and develop the ideas?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book?

Considering Questions for Analysis and Evaluation

  • When asking questions to analyze and evaluate the material, consider the following:
    • What are the author's assumptions and implications?
    • What are the relationships between ideas and events?
    • How does the author use language, tone, and style?
    • What are the limitations and gaps in the author's argument?
    • How does the book relate to your own experiences and knowledge?

Test your knowledge on how to plan a book report or review by taking brief notes and asking analytical questions after reading the material. The quiz will assess your understanding of identifying the author's point of view, purpose, and thesis, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of different aspects of the work.

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