BMKT 4503 Business Research Methods Session 9

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Which type of question helps respondents make quick decisions and helps researchers to code?

Open-ended question

In questionnaire design, what type of questions should be avoided to prevent bias?

Leading questions

What is the recommended length for a question in questionnaire design?

Less than 20 words

Which mode of data collection ensures almost 100% response rate but requires time and effort?

Personally administered questionnaires

What type of variable measurement involves direct observable physical phenomena or features?

Direct observable

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of quantitative research topics?

Explaining the validity and reliability of qualitative data

What is the main purpose of a questionnaire in the research process?

To collect quantitative data through pre-formulated written questions

Which step is typically involved in the process of using a questionnaire for quantitative research?

Administering pre-formulated written questions to respondents

What is the primary focus of quantitative research topics related to questionnaire design?

Ensuring the accurate measurement of variables through structured questions

Which type of research primarily emphasizes the use of pre-formulated, written set of questions for data collection?

Quantitative research

Learn about quantitative research topics and methodologies with Handyanto Widjojo. This material is part of the S1 Business 2023-2024 curriculum at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

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