Biology: Tissue and Organ Hierarchy

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What is the study of tissues known as?


Who is considered the 'Father of Histology'?

Xavier Bichat

Which word does the English word 'tissue' derive from?

French word 'tissu'

In plant anatomy, tissues are categorized into how many broad tissue systems?


What is formed by the functional grouping together of multiple tissues?


What is the study of plant tissues known as?


What is the French word from which the English word 'tissue' is derived?


What is the name given to the tissue organizational level between cells and a complete organ?

Tissue level

Which individual is considered the 'Father of Histology'?

Xavier Bichat

What tools have enhanced the detail that can be observed in tissues?

All of the above

Test your knowledge of the biological hierarchy from cells to organisms, including the concept of tissue as an assembly of similar cells and their extracellular matrix, and organs formed through the functional grouping of multiple tissues.

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