Biology Lesson 1: Unity in Diversity

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What is the process of a seed growing into a mature plant an example of?

Growth and Development

What is the direction of growth for plant roots and stems in response to gravity?


What is a localized group of organisms that belong to the same species called?


What is the energy converted into by plant chloroplasts?

The potential energy of chemical bonds

What is the main source of energy for producers in an ecosystem?

Light energy

Which type of cell has DNA but no nuclear envelope?

Archaea cell

What is the kingdom of organisms that include fungi?


What is essential for natural selection to occur?

Genetic variation

What is the best explanation for the change from four-limbed land animals to aquatic animals with flippers in the lineage of modern whales?

Natural selection

What is the major difference between a kingdom and a domain?

All prokaryotes belong to one domain

What is a characteristic of archaea?

They are characterized as extremophiles

What is the domain of organisms that include bacteria?

Both Bacteria and Archaea

What is the significance of the theme of evolution in biology?

It provides a framework for all biological investigations.

What is an example of inductive reasoning?

Analyzing data to reach a conclusion.

What is a characteristic of a controlled experiment?

There are at least two groups, one of which does not receive the experimental treatment.

What are the qualities of a good scientific hypothesis?

It is testable and falsifiable.

What is the purpose of collecting data in scientific research?

To observe and describe phenomena.

What is the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning?

Inductive reasoning involves making a general conclusion, while deductive reasoning involves making a specific conclusion.

What happens to the blood glucose level when the pancreas secretes glucagon?

It rises

Which branch of biology deals with the naming and classification of organisms?


What are the two domains that prokaryotes are classified into?

Bacteria and Archaea

What might be a potential solution to the problem of global warming?

Limit fossil fuel burning and forest loss

What is the likely classification of a single-celled organism with a cell wall but no nucleus?


How would you classify a filamentous organism with a cell wall but no chloroplasts?


Test your understanding of seed germination, plant growth, and development. Learn about the properties of growth, direction of roots and stems, and how plants respond to light and gravity.

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