Biological Systems in Biofertilizer Production

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Which of the following is NOT one of the biological systems used in the production of biofertilizers?

Oxidizer for organic matter

Which biological system is responsible for mineralizing mineral phosphates and organophosphates?

Solvent for mineral phosphates

What is the role of the system that acts as a silicate analyzer and liberator for potassium and silicon?

To liberate potassium and silicon

Which of the following is a function of the biological system that stabilizes atmospheric nitrogen?

Stabilization of atmospheric nitrogen

What is the main function of the biological system acting as a solvent for mineral phosphates and organophosphates?

Mineralization of mineral phosphates and organophosphates

Which type of organisms are capable of stabilizing atmospheric nitrogen?

Prokaryotes such as bacteria, actinomycetes, and blue-green bacteria

What is the most common type of Azotobacter?

Az. Chrococcum

What is the optimum temperature for Azotobacter?


Which of the following organisms secrete nitrogenous substances that help plants grow and fix the equivalent of 20-40 kg/ha annually?


What does Azotobacter not have the ability to do?

Decompose difficult organic substances

Explore the biological systems used in the production of biofertilizers, including stabilizers for atmospheric nitrogen, solvents for mineral nutrients, symbiotic associations, and growth-promoting substances. Test your knowledge of the microorganisms involved in biofertilizer production.

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