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What is the study of plant tissues known as?


Who is considered the 'Father of Histology'?

Xavier Bichat

What are the three broad categories of plant tissues?

Epidermis, ground tissue, vascular tissue

What is the historical origin of the English word 'tissue'?

"Tissu", the past participle of the verb "tisser"

What tools have enhanced the detail that can be observed in tissues?

Electron microscopy, immunofluorescence, frozen tissue-sections

Study Notes

Plant Tissue Study

  • The study of plant tissues is known as Histology.

Father of Histology

  • Marcello Malpighi is considered the 'Father of Histology'.

Categories of Plant Tissues

  • Plant tissues are categorized into three broad categories: Dermal Tissue, Ground Tissue, and Vascular Tissue.

Origin of the Word 'Tissue'

  • The English word 'tissue' originates from the Old French word 'tissu', which means 'woven' or 'fabric', and is derived from the Latin word 'texere', meaning 'to weave'.

Tools for Tissue Observation

  • Advancements in tools such as the Electron Microscope, Light Microscope, and Staining Techniques have enhanced the detail that can be observed in tissues.

Test your knowledge of the hierarchical structure of biological organisms, from cells to tissues, organs, and organ systems.

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