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Which macromolecule provides the basic structure and framework of the membrane?


What is the primary characteristic of phospholipids in the membrane?

Amphibathic nature

Which type of lipid is the most abundant in biological membranes?


What is the primary function of carbohydrates in biological membranes?

Cell recognition

Which component of the membrane is responsible for selective permeability?


What type of fatty acids make the membrane less fluid and are considered 'bad fats'?

Saturated fatty acids

What is the function of glycolipids in the cell membrane?

Cell adhesion

Which type of membrane protein is involved in transmitting signals from outside a cell into the inside of the cell?

G proteins

What plays a key role in cell-cell recognition and the ability of a cell to distinguish one cell from another?


What is the main reason for the fluidity of the cell membrane?

Fluid mosaic model composition

Test your knowledge about the components and structure of biological membranes found around cells, nuclei, ER, Golgi bodies, vacuoles, and mitochondria. Explore the concepts of selectively permeable phospholipid bilayer and the fluid mosaic of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates.

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