Bioavailability and Drug Absorption

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Which factor does NOT affect the bioavailability of drugs?


Which parameter is used to define the role of Transporters on bioavailability?

Area Under the Curve (AUC)

What is the significance of logP in drug absorption?

It predicts the drug's permeability through biological membranes

What is the relationship between AUC and Vd?

There is no direct relationship between AUC and Vd

What is the primary parameter used to measure drug clearance?

Half-life (T1/2)

What is the ratio used to calculate the absolute bioavailability of a drug?

AUC iv / AUC oral

Which of the following best describes bioequivalence according to the US FDA?

Similar in-vivo performance with same active ingredient and dosage form

What is the primary factor used to assess clinically significant drug interactions?

Peak plasma drug concentrations (Cmax)

In relation to bioavailability, what does an absolute bioavailability of 1 (F=1) indicate?

Complete absorption

What is the purpose of comparing AUC values in relative bioavailability assessment?

To assess bioequivalence with an established standard

Which of the following routes of drug administration is NOT mentioned in the provided text?

Intravenous injection

What is the primary factor affecting drug absorption mentioned in the text?


Which component is NOT mentioned as a part of the cell membrane in the provided text?

Nucleic acids

What type of barrier surrounds and contains the cytoplasm of a cell, as mentioned in the text?

Flexible barrier

Which route of drug administration is specifically mentioned to avoid the First-Pass effect in the provided text?


Which of the following is NOT a factor influencing drug transfer across cell membranes?

Concentration gradient

In which anatomical disposition do gaps between endothelial cells act as filters retaining large molecules?

Vascular endothelium

What is the primary role of fenestrated epithelium in endocrine glands in relation to drug transfer?

Facilitating the transfer of hormones to the bloodstream

Which type of drug delivery to the site of action involves absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination in one compartment like the gut?

Direct application

What is the driving force behind the process of aqueous diffusion across cell membranes?

Concentration gradient

Learn about bioavailability, the difference between Absolute and Relative bioavailability, factors affecting drug bioavailability, the effect of hydrophilicity and lipophilicity on drug absorption, Lipinski’s rule of 5, and the role of transporters on bioavailability. Explore the basic law of nutrition regarding nutrient absorption and utilization.

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