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Who may use big data analytics according to the text?

Professionals in various domains including Marketing, Finance, Sales, Operations, Strategy building

What is the duration of the 'AI for Everyone' course mentioned in the text?

12 Hours

What is the primary objective of the 'AI for Everyone' course mentioned in the text?

To understand AI technologies and apply them to decision making

What is the focus of the 'AI for Everyone' course mentioned in the text?

To provide a non-technical understanding of AI technologies

Who can benefit from understanding AI technologies?

Professionals in any domain including non-technical fields

What percentage of an organization's data is accounted for by unstructured data?


What does the term 'structured data' refer to?

Data that is organized and can be stored in rows and columns

What is an example of unstructured data mentioned in the text?

Textual messages and customer complaints

What is the term used for data generated by humans in the form of pictures, videos, and documents?

Unstructured data

Which type of data can be categorized as machine generated unstructured data or captured data?

Data generated in response to a Google search

Test your knowledge of Big Data Analytics tools and technologies with this quiz! From engineers to professionals in marketing, finance, and sales, this quiz covers essential concepts for anyone looking to understand and utilize Big Data Analytics in their work.

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