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What did the rabbit find near a bush?

A big carrot

What happened to the carrot on the way to the bridge?

It fell into the river

Why did the rabbit not want to share the carrot with the squirrel?

The rabbit became greedy

What did the rabbit realize after losing the carrot?

Bad thinking sometimes yields a poor result

Study Notes

The Rabbit's Adventure

  • A rabbit found something near a bush, but it's not specified what it was.
  • The rabbit had a carrot on the way to the bridge, but something happened to it.
  • The rabbit didn't want to share the carrot with the squirrel, indicating the rabbit was possessive of the carrot.
  • The rabbit lost the carrot, and this realization led to a new understanding or insight.

Test your understanding of the story "Big Carrot" with this quiz. Answer questions about the characters, events, and moral lessons from this popular tale.

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