Birth of Moshe (Year 8 Iyun)

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What did the woman do when she could no longer hide her son?

She took a reed basket, smeared it with clay and pitch, and placed the child into it, then put it into the reeds at the Nile's edge.

Who saw the basket in the midst of the reeds?

Pharaoh's daughter saw the basket in the midst of the reeds.

What did she decide to do after she saw the child in the basket?

She decided to take the child and have him nursed.

What did Pharaoh's daughter offer to the child's mother?

She offered wages to the child's mother to nurse him for her.

What did the mother do after the child grew up and was weaned?

She brought him to Pharaoh's daughter, and he became like her son.

What did Pharaoh's daughter name the child and why?

She named him Moses, and said, 'For I drew him from the water.'

Why did Moshe flee from Pharaoh?

He feared Pharaoh would seek to kill him after learning of his actions

What did Moshe do to rescue the daughters of the chief of Midian?

Moses arose and rescued them from the shepherds who drove them away, and then watered their flocks.

What was the name of the son born to Moses and Zipporah?


What was the first command given to Moshe at the burning thorn bush?

God instructed Moses to take off his shoes because the place was holy, and revealed Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

What was the response of the Hashem to Moshe's concern about the Israelites not believing him?

The Lord asked Moses, 'What is this in your hand?'

What did God instruct Moses to say to the elders of Israel?

God instructed Moses to tell the elders of Israel that the Lord God of their forefathers had appeared to him, and had remembered them and their affliction in Egypt.

What did Hashem promise to do with the Egyptians?

God promised to stretch forth His hand and smite the Egyptians with all His miracles, and then send the Israelites out.

What did Hashem say would happen when the Israelites left Egypt?

God said the Israelites would not go empty-handed, and that each woman would borrow silver and gold objects and garments from her neighbor.

What did the staff become when Moshe cast it to the ground?

a serpent

What did Moshe's hand become like when he put it into his chest?

leprous like snow

What was Moshe's concern about speaking to the people?

heavy of mouth and heavy of tongue

Who did the Hashem propose to send with Moshe?


What did Hashem instruct Moshe to take in his hand to perform the signs?

the staff

Test your knowledge of the biblical story of Moses through this quiz. Answer questions about the events surrounding the birth and early life of Moses, including his mother's actions and Pharaoh's daughter's discovery.

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