Biblical Name Analysis: Wonderful Counsellor

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What are some attributes associated with Wisdom?

Understanding, information, insight, and knowledge

What controlling force does the Spirit of wisdom release within you?

Force that causes you to act wisely

How does the text suggest wisdom can help prevent making the wrong choices?

By bringing insight and foresight

What is mentioned as a consequence of lacking wisdom in the text?

Facing problems due to wrong choices

Why does the text highlight the importance of having the Spirit of wisdom in your life?

To brighten and make life exciting

What is the main role of the Spirit of wisdom according to the text?

To pilot you in the right direction

What does the name 'Wonderful Counsellor' mean?

Extraordinary Strategist

What does the author emphasize about the Extraordinary Strategist?

He is supernatural and beyond ordinary senses

What is one of the abilities of the Extraordinary Strategist?

Knowing the way out of every crisis

What was the challenge faced by the Israelites as described in the text?

Being pursued by the Egyptian army

What is emphasized about the walls and barriers according to the author?

They do not exist in reality

In what unique way does the author refer to Moses in the text?

'Defenceless' leader of Israelites

What is revelation knowledge according to the text?

Knowledge from the Spirit of God imparted to your human spirit

How does revelation knowledge differ from sense knowledge?

Revelation knowledge is a gamble

Why do some Christians experience frustrations in their lives according to the text?

They have knowledge in their heads but not in their hearts

What is necessary for something to be considered true revelation according to the text?

It is knowledge that guides your spirit imparted by the Spirit of God

How does revelation knowledge serve as guidance according to the text?

It is a light through which God guides your spirit

What is the main issue with individuals who know things only in their heads according to the text?

They cannot put what they know to work effectively

What is the function of the Spirit of Knowledge?

Searching all things

What did the rulers of the world lack in Jesus' day according to the text?

Revelation knowledge (ginosko)

Which scripture is quoted in the text to emphasize that God reveals hidden things to believers?

1 Corinthians 2:9-10

What would have prevented the crucifixion of the Lord of glory according to the text?

Revelation knowledge (ginosko)

What differentiates believers from the rulers of the world according to the text?

Receiving revelation knowledge

What is described as the 'hidden wisdom' ordained by God according to the text?

'Ginosko' revelation knowledge

Why did Jesus say to His disciples 'as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you'?

To emphasize the importance of receiving the full measure of the Spirit

What does Jesus' statement in John 14:12 imply about the works believers will do?

Believers will do greater works than Jesus did

According to Romans 8:17, what does being joint-heirs with Christ Jesus mean?

Possessing the same anointing that Jesus had

What is the author's main aim in this text?

To stir a desire for the fullness of the Spirit and impart revelation knowledge

Why does the author mention that believers have the whole Holy Ghost in them?

To affirm that believers have the complete Holy Ghost in them

What can we infer about believers' potential based on the text?

Believers can do even greater works than Jesus with the fullness of the Spirit

Study Notes


  • Wisdom brings understanding, information, insight, and knowledge.
  • Wisdom is all-encompassing and dwells with prudence and knowledge.
  • With wisdom, you have insight and foresight, and are able to make the right choices.

The Spirit of Wisdom

  • The Spirit of wisdom brings divine secrets to the miraculous and pilots you in the right direction.
  • When the Spirit of wisdom functions in you, life becomes bright and exciting.
  • The Spirit of wisdom is the Extraordinary Strategist, beyond the ordinary mind or senses, and knows the way out of every crisis.

The Spirit of Counsel

  • The Spirit of counsel is the Extraordinary Strategist, beyond the ordinary mind or senses.
  • The Spirit of counsel knows how to make you a success and is your guide in times of crisis.
  • Example: Moses leading the children of Israel out of captivity in Egypt, with the Spirit of counsel helping him to find a way out.

The Fullness of the Spirit

  • Jesus required the full measure of the Spirit to do the work the Father sent Him.
  • Believers are sent with the same fullness of the Spirit, not just a measure.
  • The whole Holy Ghost, not a part or a measure of Him, is in us, praise God!

The Spirit of Knowledge

  • The Spirit of knowledge is knowledge from God imparted to your human spirit without any material medium.
  • Revelation knowledge is knowledge that is imparted to your spirit without any material medium.
  • There's an astronomical difference between sense-knowledge and revelation knowledge.

Heart-Knowledge versus Head-Knowledge

  • Sense-knowledge is in the head, while revelation knowledge is in the heart.
  • You can't really say you've known anything that is of God or from God if you haven't received it as a revelation in your spirit.
  • Revelation knowledge is a light through which God guides your spirit.


  • Ginosko means revelation knowledge or heart-knowledge.
  • The rulers of the world in Jesus' day had no ginosko, but believers have ginosko through the Spirit of knowledge.
  • The Spirit of knowledge reveals the deep things of God to us.

Test your knowledge of the Biblical name 'Wonderful Counsellor' and its meaning as an 'Extraordinary Strategist'. Explore the significance of this name in the context of the prophet's description of the Lord.

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