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Biblical History: Israel's Demand for a King

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What did the people ask Samuel to do for them?

To pray to the LORD for them

What did the people admit to having done besides asking for a king?

Adding to all their sins

What did Samuel tell the people to do instead of turning aside from the LORD?

To serve the LORD with all their heart

What would happen to the people if they continued to do wickedly?

They would be swept away, along with their king

Why would the LORD not forsake His people?

For His great name's sake

What did Samuel promise to do for the people?

To continue to pray for them

What did Samuel teach the people?

The good and the right way

What did the people want to avoid by asking Samuel to pray for them?


What would happen if the people turned aside from following the LORD?

They would go after empty things

What did Samuel tell the people to do with all their heart?

To serve the LORD

Study Notes

Israel's Request for a King

  • The Israelites asked Samuel for a king, citing the fact that Samuel was old and his sons were dishonest
  • They wanted a king like the other nations, to judge and fight for them
  • Samuel prayed to the Lord, who told him to heed the people's voice and give them a king

Samuel's Warning

  • Samuel warned the people about the behavior of a king, who would take their sons, daughters, and resources
  • He told them that they would cry out to the Lord because of their king, but He would not hear them

The Choice of Saul

  • The Lord chose Saul, a Benjamite, to be the king of Israel
  • Samuel anointed Saul with oil and told him he would be the commander over Israel
  • Saul was given signs to confirm his anointing, including meeting two men and three prophets

Saul's Prophesying

  • Saul prophesied among the prophets and was given another heart
  • The people asked, "Is Saul also among the prophets?"

Saul's Proclamation as King

  • Samuel presented Saul to the people, and they acclaimed him as king
  • Samuel wrote the behavior of royalty in a book and laid it up before the Lord

Saul's First Victory

  • Nahash the Ammonite attacked Jabesh Gilead, and the people sent for Saul
  • Saul rallied the people and defeated the Ammonites
  • The people were grateful and asked for Saul's forgiveness for doubting him

Samuel's Address

  • Samuel reminded the people of their request for a king and how they had rejected the Lord
  • He told them to fear the Lord and obey His voice, and to remember the great things He had done for them
  • Samuel called on the Lord to send thunder and rain, and the people feared the Lord and Samuel

This quiz is based on the biblical account of Israel's demand for a king, as recorded in the book of 1 Samuel. It covers the situation surrounding Samuel's old age and his sons' corruption, leading to the people's request for a monarch.

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