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Which gun in BGMI has the highest bullet loading capacity?


In BGMI, which Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) has the ability for automatic firing?


Which gun in BGMI supports only the Suppressor Muzzle attachment?


Among the listed rifles in BGMI, which one is compatible with the Cheek Pad attachment?


Which map in BGMI does not have the Mk14 gun available?


In 8 Ball Pool, what is the color of the 2 ball?


Which color represents the cue ball in 8 Ball Pool?


Among these options, which one correctly identifies the last table in 8 Ball Pool?


In 8 Ball Pool, how many clubs can a player join at a time?


Study Notes

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

  • The official release date of PUBG India is June 18.
  • PUBG India uses version 1.18.

Weapons and Attachments

  • The M249 gun has the maximum default loading capacity.
  • The Mk14 DMR allows the automatic firing option.
  • The Vector weapon supports only the Suppressor Muzzle.
  • The SKS rifle supports Cheek Pad.

Maps and Availability

  • The Mk14 gun is not available in the Vikendi Map.
  • The Vikendi Map has two types of Gillie Suits.

8 Ball Pool

Game Details

  • The highest level in 8 Ball Pool is 500.

Tournaments and Tables

  • There are 5 tournaments in 8 Ball Pool.
  • There are 5 No Guidelines Tables in 8 Ball Pool.

Clubs and Gameplay

  • A player can join only 1 club at a time in 8 Ball Pool.

Pool Balls

  • The 2 ball is blue in color.
  • The ball hit with the pool stick is white in color.

Test your knowledge about Battlegrounds' Mobile India (BGMI) and PUBG India with this quiz. From official release dates to in-game features, see how well you know the popular battle royale games.

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