Benefits of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Clinical Informatics

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What is the purpose of using telephone or video interactive technologies in emergency cases?

To provide health advice remotely

How do social media posts, blogs, and other platforms contribute to patient engagement?

By empowering patients to explore their health

Why is it necessary to balance the readily available health information accessed by patients?

To ensure accuracy and reliability

How has the use of Nursing Informatics (NI) impacted healthcare delivery?

By improving healthcare communication and analysis

What is an essential aspect of engaging patients in their healthcare according to the text?

Empowering patients to explore their health

How have real-time video consultations impacted healthcare services?

By providing convenient remote consultations

Why do patients need mechanisms to engage and ensure health connectedness according to the text?

To address increasing and complex information needs

What is a significant benefit of using social media sites and health-themed websites for patient engagement?

Empowering patients to explore their health options

'Nakita ko sa (X social media post) na effective daw itong gamot X.' What does this statement suggest?

'I saw the effectiveness of this medicine on social media.'

How has the emphasis on NI in healthcare communication evolved over time?

By highlighting global threats like SARS, Ebola, MERS CoV, and Zika

Explore the advantages of using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in healthcare, focusing on the automation of clinical documentation, accurate information monitoring, and streamlined communication for safe and collaborative patient care. Learn about how EHRs facilitate safe care through examples and the components of Electronic Health Records.

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