Beach Erosion

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Which percentage of sandy coastlines in America experience erosion?

80 to 90 percent

What happens to a beach when erosion occurs?

It becomes narrower and lower

What is the driving factor for beaches that generate tourism?

Lots of sand

What is the process called that coastal engineers use to counter the natural loss of sand?

Beach nourishment

What is the main method used in beach nourishment?


What happened to the beach in Miami in the 1970s?

It became narrower

How was the beach in Miami re-emerged in the 1980s?

Through dredging

Which strategy is primarily used in the United States to protect coastal properties from erosion?

Beach nourishment

How often, on average, do nourishments need to be repeated?

Every 2 to 8 years

What percentage of the cost for nourishments is paid by the federal government?


Which group approves and designs nourishments?

The Army Corps of Engineers

Why do poorer communities often not receive nourishments?

Lack of funds

What is one potential negative consequence of beach nourishment?

Excessive development

What is the potential impact of building more property in areas with nourished beaches?

Increased coastal hazards

What is the main reason why beach nourishment is appealing?

Economic benefits

Beach nourishment is the main strategy used to protect coastal properties from risky ______.


The funding for these projects gets a little wonky, but here's what's important: The federal government pays for a lot of these ______.


The Army Corps of Engineers — the group that approves and designs ______ —prioritizes defending some beaches over others, based on the potential loss of value.


According to ProPublica, the Corps only funds ______ where the expected benefit is 2 and a half times as high as the cost.


According to research published by the American Geophysical Union, there is a feedback loop. [Blank] tends to happen along beaches that generally have expansive properties and they also seem to drive development along the same shores, despite the risk of future erosion.


True or false: Beach nourishment is the primary strategy used to protect coastal properties from erosion in the United States?


True or false: The federal government pays for up to 65% of the cost of nourishment projects?


True or false: Nourishments need to be repeated every 2 to 8 years, on average?


True or false: Research has found that areas with nourished beaches tend to have homes that are about three times bigger than non-nourished ones?


True or false: Beach nourishment may actually mask or reduce the impact of coastal hazards without changing the natural processes that drive them?


Test your knowledge on beach erosion and learn about the measures taken by the government to combat this widespread issue. Explore the causes, impacts, and solutions of beach erosion in this informative quiz.

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