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What are the different types of diodes mentioned in the text?

Zener, Schottky, LED

What are some applications of diodes mentioned in the text?

half wave & full wave rectifiers, clipping and clamping circuits

What is the role of a Zener diode mentioned in the text?

voltage regulator

Name two authors of the recommended books for ASET Basic Electronics Engineering?

Robert L. Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky, Millman J. and Halkias.C.

What are the types of capacitance associated with semiconductor devices mentioned in the text?

diffusion capacitance, drift capacitance

Study Notes

ASET Basic Electronics Engineering (ES 201)

Module I: ASET Semiconductor Diode and Diode Circuits

  • Semiconductor devices: utilize p-n junctions, a crucial part of electronic circuits
  • P-n junction: a region where two semiconductor materials with different electrical properties meet
  • Diffusion capacitance and drift capacitance: two types of capacitance that occur in p-n junctions
  • Diode: a type of semiconductor device with two terminals, an anode and a cathode
  • Ideal diode vs. practical diode: ideal diodes are assumed to have zero resistance, whereas practical diodes have internal resistance
  • Diode resistance: the internal resistance of a practical diode
  • Diffusion current and drift current: two types of current that flow in a p-n junction

Diode Equivalent Circuits and Applications

  • Load line analysis: a graphical method used to analyze diode circuits
  • Diode as a switch: diodes can be used as electronic switches due to their ability to conduct or block current
  • Types of diodes:
    • Zener diode: a type of diode that can operate in the reverse bias mode
    • Schottky diode: a type of diode with a low forward voltage drop
    • LED (Light Emitting Diode): a type of diode that emits light when forward biased
    • Solar Cell: a type of diode that converts sunlight into electrical energy
  • Zener diode as voltage regulator: Zener diodes can be used to regulate voltage in electronic circuits
  • Diode applications:
    • Half-wave and full-wave rectifiers: circuits that convert AC voltage to DC voltage
    • Clipping and clamping circuits: circuits that limit or modify voltage levels


  • Boylestad and Nashelsky, "Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory"
  • Millman and Halkias, "Integrated Electronics"
  • Sedra and Smith, "Microelectronic Circuits"
  • Gaekwad, "Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuits"
  • Mano, "Digital Design"

Test your knowledge of semiconductor diodes and diode circuits in basic electronics engineering with this quiz. Explore topics such as semiconductor devices, p-n junction, diode resistance, diffusion current, and diode equivalent circuits. Evaluate your understanding of diode characteristics and behavior, as well as their applications as switches.

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