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What is a common practice tip for dribbling according to the text?

Avoid looking at the ball

In passing, what is recommended regarding foot positioning?

Spread feet shoulder-width apart

Why is it important to lightly spread fingers while dribbling?

To maintain a firm grip on the ball

Which position should elbows be in during passing for accuracy?

Flexed forward

What is the result when a player is fouled in the act of shooting the ball?

The player gets two free throw shots

Which book provides basketball offensive drills?

Basketball Skills & Drills 3rd edition

In basketball, what is a common outcome if a player misses a lay-up shot?

A jump ball situation is created

What is the importance of mastering the jump shot in basketball?

To score points efficiently

What defensive skill is crucial for a team to prevent the opposing team from scoring more points?

Rebounding and back-out positioning

In rebounding in basketball, what is the correct technique to secure the ball after your opponent attempts to shoot?

Grab the ball with hands without swinging elbows

What is the advised defensive position to establish in basketball when preparing for a rebound?

Feet shoulder width apart to maintain balance

Test your knowledge on ball dribbling techniques with this quiz. Learn about tips and strategies for dribbling the ball effectively, including tapping with the palm and fingers facing downward, maintaining control and rhythm, and more.

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