Baba Buddha Ji
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Baba Buddha Ji

Test your knowledge about the life and contributions of Baba Buddha ji, a revered figure in early Sikhism. Learn about his birth, upbringing, and important role in the Sikh community.

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Who is Baba Buddha Ji?

A venerated figure in Sikhism

Where was Baba Buddha Ji born?

Katthu Nangal

What role did Baba Buddha Ji play in Sikh history?

He applied the tilak of guruship to five Gurus

Where did Baba Buddha Ji settle down with his family?

<p>Dhalla village</p> Signup and view all the answers

Why was Baba Buddha Ji given the task of applying tilak?

<p>He belonged to a so-called low caste</p> Signup and view all the answers

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