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Which type of bonding is responsible for holding ionic compounds together?

Ionic bonding

Why do ionic compounds have high melting and boiling points?

They have a large number of ions

Which term describes the regular structures of ionic compounds?

Giant ionic lattices

What type of forces of attraction act between the oppositely charged ions in a giant ionic lattice?

Electrostatic forces

What property of ionic compounds is explained by their structure and bonding?

High melting points

What happens to the melting and boiling points of ionic compounds as the energy needed to overcome the electrostatic forces of attraction increases?

They increase

Which compound is commonly found in sand?

Silicon dioxide

What type of structure does silicon dioxide have?

Giant covalent structure

What type of bonds link the atoms in silicon dioxide?

Strong covalent bonds

What are the melting and boiling points of substances with giant covalent structures?

Very high

Which substance is an exception and can conduct electricity among substances with giant covalent structures?


Test your knowledge on the structure and properties of ionic compounds in this quiz. Explore the concept of giant ionic lattices and understand why these compounds have high melting and boiling points.

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