Azure Firewall Functionality and Network Security Groups Quiz

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Which type of network security groups understand layer 4 concepts like TCP and UDP?

Azure Network Security Groups

Which network security solution fully understands layer 7 concepts like HTTP, HTTPS, and fully qualified domain names?

Azure Firewall

Which network security solution can provide protection from different categories like news, gambling, or other things?

Azure Firewall

Which type of routing is used to direct traffic to the Azure Firewall within a virtual network?

User defined routes

What are the two types of rules that Azure Firewall supports?

Application rules and network rules

What is the purpose of TLS inspection in Azure Firewall?

To decrypt encrypted traffic and analyze its content

How does Azure Firewall handle incoming requests to specific ports?

It applies rules to control access to the requests

Test your knowledge on Azure Firewall functionality and usage in this quiz. Learn about network security groups and their understanding of layer 4 protocols. Assess your understanding of TCP, UDP, ports, and higher-level application protocols like HTTP and HTTPS.

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