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What is the main characteristic of autoimmune hepatitis?

Presence of serum antibodies and peripheral blood T lymphocytes reactive with self-proteins

Which type of autoimmune hepatitis is associated with antinuclear antibodies (ANAs) and anti-smooth muscle antibodies (ASMAs)?

Type 1 AIH

What is the prevalence of autoimmune hepatitis?


Which antibodies are characteristic of Type 2 AIH?

Anti-liver-kidney microsomal-1 antibodies (anti-LKM1)

Which age range shows a bimodal distribution for autoimmune hepatitis?

10-20 years and 40-60 years

Which type of autoimmune hepatitis is most common in children?

Type 2

Which of the following autoimmune conditions is commonly associated with idiopathic autoimmune hepatitis?

Hashimoto thyroiditis

What are the common nonspecific symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis?

Fatigue, upper abdominal pain, weight loss

What signs may indicate acute liver failure in autoimmune hepatitis?

Jaundice, RUQ pain, fever

Which laboratory test results are typically elevated in autoimmune hepatitis?

Liver enzymes: ↑↑ ALT and ↑ AST

When should liver biopsy be performed to confirm the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis?

Following the detection of AIH antibodies

What is the first-line induction therapy for autoimmune hepatitis?

Prednisone with or without azathioprine

What is the 10-year survival rate with treatment for autoimmune hepatitis?

> 90%

Test your knowledge about autoimmune hepatitis, a disease characterized by immunemediated liver injury, serum antibodies, peripheral blood T lymphocytes, association with other autoimmune diseases, and high levels of serum immunoglobulins.

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