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Australia - The Land Down Under

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Which river does the Délgado Chalbaud in the Guiana Highlands flow into?

Amazon River

What is the world's third-longest river?

Mississippi River

Which river is described in Mark Twain's works?

Mississippi River

Which of the following is NOT a tributary of the Mississippi River?


What is the origin of the Mackenzie River?

Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada

What is the name of the sea into which the Mackenzie River empties?

Beaufort Sea

Which river is known for its potential for hydroelectric power?

Yukon River

What led to the Klondike Gold Rush along the Yukon River?

Discovery of gold on a tributary

Which river flows through Canada and Alaska?

Yukon River

What is the core vocabulary word mentioned in the section 'Chang Jiang—The Yangtze River'?


Why did the person in charge of the boat give up trying to steer on the Chang Jiang River?

Wild water

What is a gorge according to the text?

A narrow space between cliffs or mountains

Why did the boat shoot out like a cannonball from a cannon?

River rapids

What continent is the Yangtze River located on?


What action did everyone in the boat take when 'Rocks ahead!' was shouted?

Worked hard to keep the boat from tipping over

Which term refers to a man-made barrier built across a river to hold back water?


What geographical feature causes a river to become calm and peaceful after wild waters?


Which of the following is NOT one of the four major oceans?

Southern Ocean

In which region of Australia is snow most likely to fall?

Eastern side, along the Great Dividing Range

What term is used to refer to the less populous areas in the middle of the Australian continent, far from large cities?


Which of the following statements about the Pacific Ocean is true?

It extends over about one-third of the surface of Earth.

In which grade do students in Core Knowledge schools first learn about hemispheres?

Grade 1

Which of the following best describes the western portion and central region of Australia?

Hot and dry

Where do most Australians live?

Near the eastern and southeastern coasts

Which of the following oceans separates North and South America from Asia and Australia?

Pacific Ocean

What term is used to refer to Australia in the text?

The land down under

What is a reservoir?

A body of water created by humans for storing water

What is the source of a river?

The starting point or beginning of a river's water

What is a delta?

Land created by silt deposits at the mouth of a river

What is a civilization?

A society or group of people with similar beliefs, customs, language, and government

What is the mouth of a river?

The place where a river empties into a sea or other large body of water

Which river is located in Asia and was mentioned in the text?

Yangtze River

What is the purpose of a reservoir?

To store water for human use

Which of the following is NOT a feature of a river?


What is the significance of a river delta?

It allows for the formation of civilizations due to rich soil

What is the imaginary line that divides Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres called?


Which part of Earth is known as the Southern Hemisphere?


What is the geographic area that occupies half of the Earth known as?


Which line divides Earth into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres?

Prime Meridian

In which hemisphere is North America located?

Western Hemisphere

Which hemisphere contains all four hemispheres (Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western)?


What is the latitude of the equator?


Which imaginary line runs from the North Pole to the South Pole going through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich?

$0^{\circ}$ Longitude

Learn about Australia, the smallest continent known as 'the land down under'. Discover the diverse climate in different regions and the geographical features of Australia. Get insights into the population distribution along the coastlines and major geographical landmarks.

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