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How many neutrons are in the isotope with atomic number 92 and mass number 238?

146 neutrons

Which subatomic particle carries a negative charge?


What is the total number of protons and neutrons in an isotope with atomic number 36 and mass number 84?


How many electrons are present in an atom with atomic number 17?

17 electrons

Which subatomic particle is found in the nucleus of an atom?


What is the main function of neutrons in an atom?

Providing stability to the nucleus

Which sub-atomic particle has a positive charge?


How many electrons are present in a neutral atom of Carbon-13?


The atomic notation for Hydrogen-2 is:


What is the total number of protons in a neutral atom of Zinc-66?


Why are masses on the periodic table usually expressed as decimal numbers?

To represent the weighted averages of all known isotopes of an element.

Which of the following is not a sub-atomic particle?


How do neutrons affect an atom?

Change the mass of the nucleus

What defines an isotope?

Different number of neutrons

Which statement about isotopes is correct?

They have different mass and abundance

How many isotopes does most elements have?


Which isotope of hydrogen is radioactive?

Hydrogen-3 (Tritium)

What differentiates isotopes of the same element?

Chemical properties

Test your knowledge on determining the number of neutrons in different isotopes based on their atomic numbers and mass numbers. Match the isotopes with the correct number of neutrons in this quiz.

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