Atomic Structure Basics

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In an atom, which term describes the most likely location for an electron relative to its nucleus?


How many electrons can each orbital hold?


Which element has an atomic number of 16?


What determines the number of electrons a shell can hold?

Number of orbitals in the shell

Which type of particles determine bonding in an atom?


What is the term used to describe an atom's outermost occupied shell?

Valence shell

Which element has an atomic weight of 39.10?


What is the correct statement about the movement of electrons in an atom?

Electrons move in orbitlike rings around the nucleus.

Which part of an atom contains most of its mass?


What defines the unique identity of each element?

Atomic number

What happens to an atom when the number of protons equals the number of electrons?

It becomes electrically neutral

What is an ion?

An atom that has gained or lost electrons

Which type of ion is Hydroxide (OH-)?


What is the total number of protons and neutrons in an atom's nucleus called?

Mass number

In what way do isotopes differ?

In their mass numbers

What is a common chemical found in the human body that helps form hair?


Which of the following is an example of a chemical used by plants to inhibit the growth of other trees?

Chemicals released by Black walnut tree

What role do pheromones play for some reptiles?

Mark territory

Which group of chemicals are deployed by plants in their defense against herbivores and competitors?

Unique plant kingdom chemicals

What is the primary function of chemicals released by the chili pepper tree?

Limit damage from animals

Which of the following is a primary purpose of using chemical warfare by plants?

Defending against predators

What effect does the release of chemicals by the Black walnut tree have on surrounding landscapes?

Inhibits growth of other plants

How do some animals use pheromones for survival?

Enhancing communication within the species

What is the relationship between the mass number and atomic number in an atom?

The mass number is always greater than the atomic number

Which term describes different forms of a single element?


What does the atomic weight represent?

The average mass of all atoms of an element

What is the characteristic feature of a radioactive isotope?

Emits particles or rays as it disintegrates

What does the half-life of a radioactive isotope refer to?

The time it takes for half of the atoms in a sample to emit radiation

What do radioactive isotopes have in common with stable isotopes?

Both have characteristic half-lives

What do molecules consist of?

Two chemically joined atoms

What are compounds composed of?

Two or more different elements

What are the four most abundant bulk elements in life?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen

What does an Iron-poor diet lead to in terms of red blood cells?

Anemia (decline in red blood cells)

Which statement about atoms is correct?

Atoms are indivisible and cannot be broken down into smaller units

What is the role of Iodine in the diet?

To prevent goiter due to thyroid gland enlargement

Which elements are considered essential to life due to their presence in the largest amounts?

Carbon and Hydrogen

What is the function of Red Blood Cells in the body?

To carry Oxygen to the body’s tissues

What is a chemical element?

A pure substance that cannot be broken down by chemical means into other substances

Why are trace elements like Iron and Zinc important for the body?

They are required in small amounts for specific biological functions

Learn about the basic structure of an atom, including the arrangement of electrons, nucleus, and the concept of atomic number. Explore how electrons move within an electron cloud and the role of protons and neutrons in forming the nucleus.

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