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Which subatomic particle remains constant for an ion of 40 2+ Ca?

Number of protons

Is stretching copper into thin wire an example of an intensive or extensive property?

Intensive property

Which of the following is an example of a physical change?

Boiling water

Identify the type of mixture that milk belongs to:

Homogeneous mixture

What property is associated with one mole of carbon having a mass of 12.01 grams?

Extensive property

Which subatomic particle is located outside the nucleus of an atom?


What is the electrical charge of a cation?

Positive charge

Which particle has a mass closest to 1 amu?


What type of ions contain more electrons than protons?


How do you find out the number of protons in an atom?

Same as the atomic number of an element

Which type of ion is derived from a single atom?


Which type of change is demonstrated when water boils at 100 oC?

Physical change

What type of change occurs when vinegar reacts with baking soda?

Chemical change

In which category do pure substances belong?


What classification of matter comprises more than one substance in varying proportions?


Which substance is an example of an element?


What type of change is observed when iron rusts in a damp environment?

Chemical change

What is the significance of the nucleus in an atom?

It is responsible for 99.9% of the atom's mass.

What is the electric charge of one proton?

+1.602 x 10^-19 C

What does the atomic number of an atom represent?

Number of protons in the atom

How do protons and electrons contribute to the overall charge neutrality of an atom?

Protons have a positive charge while electrons have a negative charge that cancel out.

What is an isotope?

Atoms with different numbers of neutrons

Why do isotopes of an element generally have similar chemical properties?

Because protons and electrons govern chemical properties

What are the four different states or phases in which matter exists?

Solid, liquid, gas, plasma

Which type of property depends on the amount of matter?

Extensive properties

What kind of change involves only a change in physical state and not in the identity of substances?

Physical change

Which property involves a change in the identity of the substance?


Which property of matter refers to its ability to burn?


What property of matter describes its resistance to flow?


Test your knowledge on atomic structure, atomic number, mass number, isotopes, and atomic mass units. Learn about the masses of neutrons, protons, and electrons in the atom.

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