Atmospheric Conditions and Air Pollution

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What is the primary driver of atmospheric circulation?

Energy from the sun and earth's rotation

What type of atmospheric stability occurs when the temperature falls faster than the dry adiabatic lapse rate?

Absolutely unstable

What is the approximate moist adiabatic lapse rate in the lower troposphere?


What is the effect of a lake breeze on plume dispersion?

It decreases dispersion

What occurs when the ambient lapse rate is less than the dry adiabatic lapse rate?

Absolutely stable conditions

What is the primary factor affecting air pollution in a region?

Wind direction and speed

What is the assumption of the Point Source Gaussian Plume Model regarding the terrain?

It is flat and unobstructed

What is the formula used to calculate the effective stack height in the Point Source Gaussian Plume Model?

H = h + DH

What is the category of atmospheric stability characterized by a high rate of vertical mixing?

A - Extremely Unstable

What is the purpose of Holland's formula in the Point Source Gaussian Plume Model?

To calculate the plume rise

What is the unit of measurement for the emission rate of pollutant (E) in the Point Source Gaussian Plume Model?


What is the correction formula used to estimate the wind speed at the virtual stack height from the ground wind speed?

u2 = u1 × (z2 / z1)^p

What is the atmospheric condition when the lapse rate is less than Г?


What type of temperature inversion is caused by the descent of a layer of air within a high-pressure air mass?

Subsidence inversion

What is the term for the trapping of pollutants close to the surface due to atmospheric conditions?

Plume trapping

What is the temperature lapse rate that indicates an unstable atmosphere?

Greater than 1.00 °C/100 m

What is the name of the graph used to display the relationship between temperature and altitude?


What is the term for the release of pollutants into the atmosphere, resulting in a disaster?

Air quality disaster

This quiz covers the primary and secondary meteorological parameters that affect air pollution, including wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric stability, sunlight, temperature, precipitation, and humidity. It also explores how energy from the sun and earth's rotation drives atmospheric circulation and how atmospheric conditions impact air pollution. Test your knowledge of these important environmental factors!

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