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What legal concept did Solon introduce in Athens?

Any citizen could bring charges against wrongdoers.

What was the primary focus of Athenian boys' formal education?

Preparing boys to be good citizens

Who were excluded from Athenian citizenship?

Women, slaves, and foreigners

What was the basis of Draco's legal code, and how did it treat Athenians?

The legal code was based on the idea of equality under the law, but it treated Athenians very harshly, making death the punishment for nearly every crime.

What was the effect of Draco's legal code on the tensions between rich and poor in Athens?

It did not resolve the tensions; instead, it made things worse.

What were the three main values that Spartans valued over freedom, individuality, beauty, and learning?

duty, strength, and discipline

How did Sparta's government differ from that of Athens?

Sparta built a military state instead of a democracy, and had a council of elders proposing laws.

What was the status of the Messenians after Sparta conquered their region?

The Messenians became helots, forced to stay on the land they worked and give half of their crops to the Spartans.

What were the roles of the five elected officials in Sparta?

The five elected officials carried out the laws passed by the assembly, controlled education, and prosecuted court cases.

Test your knowledge about the development of representative government and democratic reforms in Athens. Learn about the transition from nobleman Draco's rule to direct citizen participation in political decision-making.

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