ATA-19-II Test Booklet Instructions

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How many pages are there in the booklet?


What is the duration of the test?

2½ hours

What color of pen should be used for filling in the particulars and marking responses?


How many parts does the test booklet have?


What should a candidate do if there is a discrepancy between the Test Booklet No. and Answer Sheet No.?

Report to the Invigilator for replacement of both the Test Booklet and the Answer Sheet

Is there any negative marking in the test?

No negative marking

What is the total number of questions in Part-II for Mathematics and Science?


In which part of the test booklet are the questions pertaining to English and Hindi language given?


If a candidate opts for Mathematics and Science, how many questions do they need to attempt from Part-II?


How many questions are there for Language-II (English/Hindi) in the test booklet?


Where should the candidates record their answers?

OMR Answer Sheet

Are candidates allowed to use whitener for changing answers?


In case of any discrepancy in the English and Hindi versions of questions/answers, which version will be considered final?

English version

What is the maximum number of questions a candidate can attempt in Part-III for Social Studies/Social Science?


Learn about the instructions and details provided in the ATA-19-II Test Booklet, including the number of pages, OMR answer sheet, and guidelines for candidates. Familiarize yourself with the contents before proceeding with the test.

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