Assessment Strategies in Project-Based Learning

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Which of the following is NOT a recommended assessment strategy for project-based learning?

Using traditional assessments such as quizzes and tests

What is a useful assessment tool for teaching content specifics and inquiry in project-based learning?

Proficiency scales

What are some ways that teachers can assess an individual's contribution to a team-created product in project-based learning?

Setting individual goals and timelines

Study Notes

Assessment in Project-Based Learning Hangout

  • The hangout is hosted by the Buck Institute for Education and focuses on assessment in project-based learning.

  • The driving question for the hangout is "How can we effectively assess student learning in project-based learning?"

  • The hangout features four educators: John Larmour, Janet Bonds, Ian Stevenson, and Erica Jordan.

  • Common assessment issues in project-based learning include the need for collaboration and individualized assessments.

  • Teachers can assess an individual's contribution to a team-created product through individual goal-setting, timelines, journals, and reflection.

  • Content knowledge in a project can be assessed through traditional assessments, online resources, word walls, and concept webs.

  • Formative assessment during a project should be diverse and ongoing, with strategies such as team meetings, quizzes, discussions, and journals.

  • The use of proficiency scales, such as a level 1 & 2 for teaching content specifics and level 3 for inquiry, is a useful assessment tool.

  • Socratic seminars and fishbowl variations can be used to assess common core skills.

  • Contracts and rubrics can be used to hold students accountable and assess content knowledge and skills.

  • The student should be actively involved in formative assessment and understand the target they are trying to meet.

  • The hangout will be archived on the Buck Institute for Education's website for future viewing.Assessment Strategies in Project-Based Learning

  • Diversify assessment strategies throughout the project

  • Model expectations and use rubrics to help demonstrate criteria

  • Use additional tools such as quizzes, tests, and homework assignments

  • Use self and peer assessment to increase student voice and choice

  • Students should be active participants in the assessment process

  • Use rubrics and checklists that are introduced to students beforehand

  • Final grade can be a combination of peer, self, and teacher assessment

  • Break down peer review into small chunks and quick rounds for effective feedback

  • Grading can be managed using project boundaries and Edmodo

  • Lay out grading criteria ahead of time to avoid confusion and questions

  • Assessment is a crucial part of project-based learning

  • Use assessment formatively and summatively throughout the project

Assessing student learning in project-based learning can be challenging. Do you know the best strategies to use? Test your knowledge with our quiz on assessment strategies in project-based learning. From diversifying assessment methods to involving students in the process, this quiz will help you understand the most effective ways to assess student learning in project-based learning. Keywords: assessment, project-based learning, strategies, rubrics, peer review, student involvement.

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