Ascaris lumbricoides Parasite Overview

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Where do mature Ascaris eggs usually mature?

In the soil

How do Ascaris eggs become infectious?

After coming in contact with egg-contaminated soil

Where do larval Ascaris worms enter after being ingested?


How do adult Ascaris worms enter the bile or pancreatic ducts?

By burrowing through the intestine

What can happen if a large mass of mature worms blocks the lumen of the small intestine?

Completely block the lumen of the small intestine

How do mature Ascaris worms usually exit the body to potentially be coughed up?

Through coughing up from the lungs

What is a potential consequence of intestinal blood loss due to worm ingestion?

Iron deficiency anemia

How is Strongyloidiasis infection similar to hookworm infection?

Both enter the body through intact skin

Why is Trichinella spiralis infection considered uncommon in the United States today?

It is mainly related to ingestion of undercooked wild game

What happens to Trichinella larvae after they are ingested from infected meat?

They develop into mature worms in the muscles

What causes the severe systemic symptoms during the phase of larval migration of Trichinella infection?

Inflammatory reaction to the worms in tissues

Which condition may result from Trichinella spiralis infection if left untreated?

Heart problems

How is an Ascaris infection identified?

By detecting worm eggs in fecal material

What is a common way children get infected with animal worms?

Transfer of eggs through contaminated hands, toys, or objects

Where do pinworms generally take up residence?

Duodenum and ileocecal region

Which statement about hookworm infection is true?

Larvae enter the body through skin contact with contaminated soil

What is a symptom commonly associated with pinworm infections?

Intense anal and perianal itching

How do whipworms (Trichuriasis) typically infect humans?

Via ingestion of eggs in fecally contaminated soil

What is a characteristic of adult hookworms in the small intestine?

They have a specialized attachment organ called the buccal plate

How are pinworm infections commonly spread among family members?

From contaminated bedclothes or other objects

Learn about the Ascaris lumbricoides parasite, a common roundworm infecting millions of people worldwide. Discover its characteristics, life cycle, and transmission methods.

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