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What is the fundamental concern of art according to the text?

Art must benefit and satisfy man.

How does art transform the artist according to the text?

It changes the artist at the core of their being.

What did Machiles (1963) define as the medium in art?

A symbolic language marked by beauty of design.

What are the common essentials of art mentioned in the text?

Art must benefit and satisfy man.

How does art appeal to individuals according to the text?

By arousing their emotions and kindling their imagination.

What is the overall mission mentioned in the text?

To develop a competitive human resource for sustainable communities.

What is the main belief behind Art as Mimesis according to Plato?

Art is a direct representation of reality.

Which perspective on art believes that it serves no political or didactic purpose?

Art for Art’s Sake

What is art according to the text?

A man-made creation that expresses concepts and feelings

According to Aristotle, what role do representations play in relation to real things in art?

They create worlds of illusion that distract from the real things.

Why is art considered synthetic?

Because it is either an imitation or an infringement of truth and nature

What is necessary to appreciate art according to the text?

Spending time looking at, listening to, and feeling its presence

What aspect of art does Art as an Escape focus on?

Art as an opportunity to detach from reality.

How does Kant view the reason for art's existence?

As having no inherent purpose or justification.

How does art relate to experience based on the text?

Art expresses concepts and thoughts in an innovative way based on experience

In what way does art resemble an escape according to the text?

Art allows individuals to create their own reality

What distinguishes Art as Representation according to Aristotle?

It creates illusions that distract from reality.

What is the significance of sensory response in the audience's experience of art?

Sensory response plays a key role in audience engagement with art

Explore the concept of art as a form of escape and self-transformation through the creative process. Learn about the role of mediums in communicating ideas and emotions in art. Test your knowledge on the sacred level of art and its impact on artists.

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