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What is the greatest decimal number among the given options?


How would you arrange the decimal numbers from greatest to least?

078, 0.56, 0.4, 0.29

What is the correct representation of the largest decimal number?


Which decimal number is incorrectly formatted?


In the given decimal numbers, which one is the second largest?


What is the difference between the largest and smallest decimal numbers?


If the decimal numbers were multiplied by 100, what would be the resulting order from greatest to least?

78, 56, 40, 29

Which decimal number has the smallest hundredths place value?


If 500 meters were converted to kilometers, what would be the result?

0.5 kilometers

What is the equivalent of 500 meters in millimeters?

500,000 millimeters

How many centimeters are there in 500 meters?

50,000 centimeters

If 500 meters were converted to feet, what would be the result?

1,640 feet

Test your skills in arranging decimal numbers from greatest to least with this quiz. Compare and order the given numbers to sharpen your understanding of decimal ordering.

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