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What are some of the roles that coaches have beyond teaching technique?

They are leaders, administrators, counselors, and mentors

What are some of the qualities that leaders possess according to the text?

They are open-minded, creative, and caring

Why is developing upcoming assistants important for the success of the program?

Because it helps avoid burnout and builds the next generation of coaches

Study Notes

  • Coaches have various roles beyond teaching technique
  • They are leaders, administrators, counselors, and mentors
  • Leaders listen, are open-minded, creative, knowledgeable, and caring
  • Administration involves travel plans, scheduling, equipment, budgeting, and coordination
  • Coaches must meet the needs of a varied group of athletes and develop psychological skills
  • Mentors set an example and guide wrestlers on and off the mat
  • The role of a wrestling coach is expanding and includes many responsibilities
  • Coaches must work through people and delegate tasks to avoid burnout
  • Developing upcoming assistants is important for the success of the program
  • The head coach must monitor the completion of tasks to lead the program and build the next generation of coaches.

Do you know what it takes to be a successful wrestling coach? This quiz will test your knowledge on the various roles and responsibilities that coaches have beyond just teaching technique. From leadership and administration to counseling and mentoring, coaches must wear many hats to ensure the success of their team. See if you have what it takes to be an effective wrestling coach by taking this quiz today!

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