AQA Biology GCSE RP 01 Microscopy Practical Quiz

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What is the purpose of adding iodine solution in the microscopy practical?

To stain the cells for better visibility under the microscope

Why is it important to remove any excess stain from the slide?

To prevent distortion of the cells under the microscope

What is the function of the cover slip in this practical?

To flatten the tissue and prevent dehydration

Why is it necessary to use a white tile in this practical?

To provide a contrasting background for better cell visibility

What is the purpose of using forceps in this practical?

To handle delicate tissues and place them on the slide

Study Notes

Preparation of Microscopy Slide

  • Iodine solution is added to the microscopy slide to kill and fix bacterial cells, allowing for better observation and preservation of the specimen.
  • Excess stain must be removed from the slide to prevent maskinge of the true bacterial morphology and to avoid inaccurate observations.

Microscopy Slide Assembly

  • The cover slip is used to protect the microscope's objective lens from coming into contact with the specimen and to prevent the lens from getting dirty or damaged.
  • A white tile is used as a background to provide high contrast, making it easier to observe the bacteria and their morphology.

Handling of Specimen

  • Forceps are used to handle the slide and cover slip to prevent fingerprints and oils from human skin from interfering with the observation and to maintain a clean and sterile environment.

Test your knowledge of the AQA Biology GCSE RP 01 Microscopy Practical with this quiz. Brush up on your understanding of using a light microscope to investigate plant and animal cells, as well as the required equipment and methods.

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