Approaches in Literary Criticism: Activity 1

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What do reaction papers, reviews, and critiques have in common?

They are all forms of academic writing

In which scenario did Zack apply a feminist perspective?

He watched a movie and critiqued it for a reputable journal

What did Martin discuss after attending the cheer dance competition?

He critiqued the winning team's performance

What did Yna do after attending an art exhibition at the Ayala Museum?

She wrote a review in her blog about one of the paintings that caught her attention

What is the common theme in all the scenarios presented?

Artistic expressions

What can be evaluated using reaction papers, reviews, and critiques?

Scholarly works, art, designs, and other graphic designs

Test your understanding of different approaches in literary criticism such as formalism, feminism, and more through practical scenarios involving critique writing, movie analysis, and art exhibition reviews.

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