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What does the AP Program believe about students and AP courses?

All motivated and academically prepared students should be able to enroll in AP courses

What might be a requirement for enrolling in an AP course at some high schools?

Passing a placement test

What is advised if a student is unsure about the enrollment process for AP courses?

Ask the counselor at their school

What is the purpose of the recommended prerequisite courses for AP enrollment?

To ensure students are prepared for the rigor of AP courses

What is the AP Program's stance on high schools following the principle of AP course enrollment?

Strongly encourage all high schools to follow this principle

Study Notes

AP Program Beliefs and Enrollment

  • The AP Program believes that students who are willing to engage in rigorous academic work should be allowed to take AP courses, regardless of their background or academic preparation.
  • Some high schools may require a minimum GPA, teacher recommendations, or other academic achievements to enroll in an AP course.
  • If a student is unsure about the enrollment process for AP courses, they are advised to consult with their school counselor or AP teacher.
  • The recommended prerequisite courses for AP enrollment are intended to ensure that students have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the AP course.
  • The AP Program advocates for high schools to follow the principle of "open access" for AP course enrollment, allowing students to take AP courses regardless of their background or academic preparation.

This quiz helps high school students determine which Advanced Placement (AP) courses are best suited to their academic interests and goals. By answering a series of questions, students can receive personalized recommendations for AP courses that align with their strengths and aspirations.

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