Antigen-Antibody Interaction (SEROLOGY) Quiz

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What is the primary phenomenon in Antigen/Antibody reactions?

Sensitization involving attachment of antibody to its specific antigen

What is the basis for humoral immunity or antibody-mediated immunity?

Antigen-Antibody reaction

What is the measure of the binding strength between an antigenic determinant and an antibody combining site?


Which phase of Antigen/Antibody reactions involves phagocytosis and release of inflammatory mediators in vivo?

Tertiary Phenomenon

What determines how much antibody remains attached in the sensitization phase of Antigen/Antibody reactions?

Affinity and avidity

Test your knowledge on the types of Ag-Ab reactions including Precipitation, Agglutination, and Immunoassay, and their applications in serology. Explore the interaction between antigens and antibodies, and how they form the basis for humoral immunity and detection of infectious disease causing agents.

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