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What is a gamete?

A haploid reproductive cell

What does sexual reproduction involve?

Combining gametes to produce a zygote

In which organisms is sexual reproduction most common?

Multicellular eukaryotes

What is the result of the combination of gametes in sexual reproduction?

A zygote that develops into an organism with two sets of chromosomes

Where does sexual reproduction not occur?


Study Notes

Gamete and Sexual Reproduction

  • A gamete is a specialized cell that fuses with another gamete during sexual reproduction, resulting in the formation of a zygote.

Sexual Reproduction

  • Sexual reproduction involves the fusion of two gametes, each contributing half of the genetic material, to form a zygote with a complete set of chromosomes.
  • This process increases genetic diversity by combining genetic information from two parents.

Commonality of Sexual Reproduction

  • Sexual reproduction is most common in multicellular organisms, such as animals, plants, and fungi.

Result of Gamete Combination

  • The result of the combination of gametes in sexual reproduction is a zygote, which develops into a new individual with a unique combination of genetic traits.

Exceptions to Sexual Reproduction

  • Sexual reproduction does not occur in single-celled organisms, such as bacteria, which reproduce asexually through binary fission or other mechanisms.

Test your knowledge of sexual reproduction with this quiz! Explore the complex life cycle involving gametes, zygotes, and chromosome sets typical in animal reproduction.

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