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What is the estimated number of living animal species on Earth?

7.77 million

Which scientific study is focused on animal behaviors?


To which kingdom do animals belong?


Which group do most living animal species belong to?

Infrakingdom Bilateria

What is the body length range of animals according to the text?

8.5 μm to 33.6 m

Study Notes

Animal Diversity

  • The estimated number of living animal species on Earth is 8.7 million.

Scientific Study

  • Ethology is the scientific study that is focused on animal behaviors.


  • Animals belong to the kingdom Animalia.

Distribution of Species

  • Most living animal species belong to the invertebrate group.

Body Length Range

  • The body length of animals ranges from 0.1 millimeters to 30 meters.

Test your knowledge of the animal kingdom with this quiz! Explore the diversity of multicellular, eukaryotic organisms, and learn about their characteristics, behaviors, and habitats. From mammals to insects, challenge yourself with questions about the fascinating world of animals.

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