Animal Adaptations: Habitat and Survival

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Which animals are adapted to being active at night?

Owls, bats, lorises, and nightjar birds

What is a habitat?

A place where animals find food, water, and shelter

What kind of habitats are forests, deserts, and grasslands?

Terrestrial habitats

Where do blackbucks, cheetahs, and florican birds live?

Open grasslands in warm places

What does the body color of an animal help it to do?

Live in its surroundings

Study Notes

Adaptation to Nocturnal Activity

  • Some animals are adapted to being active at night, implying they have evolved to thrive in the dark.

Habitat Definition

  • A habitat refers to the natural environment in which an organism, species, or community lives, including the physical factors and other living organisms that affect it.

Types of Habitats

  • Forests, deserts, and grasslands are examples of different types of habitats that support diverse range of flora and fauna.

Animal Habitats

  • Blackbucks, cheetahs, and florican birds have their natural habitats in specific regions, with blackbucks found in grasslands, cheetahs in grasslands and open plains, and florican birds in wet grasslands and marshes.


  • The body color of an animal helps it to blend in with its surroundings, providing camouflage, which aids in survival, hunting, and protection.

Test your knowledge on animal adaptations and their habitats. Explore how animals' physical characteristics help them survive in their natural environments, and understand the concept of habitat and its importance to animal life.

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