Ancient Indian Empire

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Which city was NOT mentioned in the Asokan inscriptions?


What do historians think about the administrative system of the empire?

It was diverse

Which regions are mentioned as part of the empire in the inscriptions?

All of the above

Where was administrative control likely to be strongest?

In areas around the capital and provincial centres

Why were Taxila and Ujjayini chosen as provincial centres?

Due to their location on important trade routes

According to Brahmanical practice, what was the purpose of classifying people in terms of gotras?

To regulate marriages

What was the expectation for women regarding their gotra after marriage?

To adopt their husband's gotra

What do the names of men and women derived from gotra names indicate?

Their family ties

Which ruling lineage's inscriptions provide information about family ties and marriages?

The Satavahanas

What was one of the important rules regarding gotras?

Members of the same gotra could not marry

Test your knowledge on the major political centres of the ancient Indian empire and their significance. Explore the inscriptions of Pataliputra, Taxila, Ujjayini, Tosali, and Suvarnagiri, and discover the common message engraved in these historical sites. Learn about the empire's reach from present-day Pakistan to Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Uttarakhan.

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