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What did Anaximander believe about the earth?

The earth is a cylindrical body in the center of the universe.

What did Anaximander consider to be the material cause or the primordial stuff?

Indeterminate substance

What did Anaximander name as the primordial principle in Greek?


What was Anaximander's belief about the primordial principle?

It is divine, immobile, not generated, and immutable.

What did Anaximander believe about the primary principle and the ultimate end of all things?

He sought for it but decided that it could not be any particular kind of matter such as water.

What represents Anaximander's idea of the indeterminate cause from which all things emerged?


Why did Anaximander conclude that the primordial stuff cannot be any specific type of matter like water?

Because change, birth, growth, and decay are due to conflict.

What did Anaximander design for the Milesian sailors in Black Sea?

A map

Test your knowledge about the ancient Greek philosopher Anaximander and his contributions to scientific and philosophical thought. Learn about his ideas on cosmology, political involvement, and scientific innovations.

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