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What is the etymology of the word 'democracy'?

Greek roots

What was the governing system established by Athens in the 5th century BC?


How often did all citizens of Athens meet in an assembly to discuss city issues?

At least once a month

What was the significance of the Athenian assembly in terms of citizen participation?

It was the first time citizens were involved in government decisions

How were important issues typically decided in the Athenian assembly?

By majority vote after citizen discussion

Study Notes

Etymology and Ancient Athens

  • The word 'democracy' originates from the Greek words 'demos' meaning 'people' and 'kratos' meaning 'power' or 'rule'.

Ancient Athenian Governance

  • In the 5th century BC, Athens established a governing system known as democracy, where power was held by the people.
  • All citizens of Athens would meet in an assembly, known as the 'ecclesia', to discuss city issues, approximately 40 times a year.

Importance of the Athenian Assembly

  • The Athenian assembly played a significant role in terms of citizen participation, as it allowed citizens to engage directly in decision-making processes.
  • This assembly was a crucial aspect of Athenian democracy, as it fostered a sense of community and encouraged active participation in governance.

Decision-Making in the Athenian Assembly

  • Important issues in the Athenian assembly were typically decided through a process of discussion, debate, and voting.
  • Decisions were made by a majority vote, where citizens would raise their hands to indicate their approval or disapproval of a particular proposal.

Test your knowledge about the origins and practices of democracy in Ancient Greece, particularly in the city of Athens. Learn about the concept of demos (people) and kratos (power/rule) and how citizens participated in governing the city.

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