Ancient Greece: Athens vs Persians Quiz

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What did Athens do in relation to the Greek-states against Persians?

Intervened on behalf of

What drastic step did Darius take in response to the rebellious Athenians?


How did the Athenians feel about their participation?

Gave hope

How were the Athenians greeted by some soldiers who arrived at Plataea?


What did the people of Delos not want regarding the conquest of Greece?


Which word has the same rhyme scheme as 'battle'?


'I bought my WIFE a red dress' is related to which of the following options that relates to the given sentence?

Did I buy my wife a black dress?

'wash' - Choose the word that has the same CONSONANT SOUND as 'wash'?


Which of the following is the primary focus for West African countries when renegotiating relationships with former colonial powers?

Regional integration initiatives

Which of these unconventional approaches may be used when developing economic hypotheses beyond traditional methods?

Experimental simulations

Which of the following aspects, beyond monetary considerations, may also be involved in investment in macroeconomics?

Environmental conservation efforts

When determining employment levels based on the supply curve of the labor market, which policy tool do policymakers primarily consider?

Wage subsidies

Which of the following could be an overlooked factor contributing to balance of payments deficits in Nigeria?

Currency exchange rates

Which factor is most likely to determine the potential gains from international trade within a two-by-two model?

Comparative advantage in specific industries

Which type of unemployment, when interacting with other forms, can perpetuate systemic issues like income inequality according to the text?

Different types of unemployment

The text mentions that alternative viewpoints regarding the impact of foreign aid on government bureaucracy in developing countries may focus on which of the following?

Dependency theory

When analyzing the broader implications of price elasticity of demand, the text suggests considering its effects on which of the following?

Market competition

According to the information provided, which of the following statements is true?

Political stability is the most important factor in determining gains from trade.

Test your knowledge about the conflict between Athens and Persians in ancient Greece. Answer questions about Athens' actions, Darius' decisions, and the participation of different Greek states.

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