Ancient Civilizations of India and China Quiz

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What were British engineers looking for in the Indus valley?

Materials to fill in the rail bed beneath the tracks

What intrigued British officer Alexander Cunningham during his visit to the railway construction sites in 1856?

Soapstone seals intricately carved with symbols

What were found among the bricks taken from the mounds in the Indus valley?

Soapstone seals

What was the main purpose of the railway construction through the Indus valley?

To build a transportation route

What type of cities were the large dirt mounds in the Indus valley that the British engineers encountered?

Long-abandoned cities

Test your knowledge of the ancient civilizations of India and China with this quiz. Explore the Indus Valley civilization, Aryan society, and the early history of China. Delve into the rich history of these influential cultures and their impact on the world.

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