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Anatomy of the Eye: Vascular Layer and Ciliary Body

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What is the main function of the circularly arranged sphincter pupillae?

Decreases pupil diameter

Which muscle is responsible for dilating the pupil?

Radially arranged dilator pupillae

What is the main function of the pigmented layer in the retina?

Reinforces light-absorbing property of the choroid

Which part of the retina extends over the ciliary body and iris?

Nonvisual retina

What are the two functional parts of the optic part of the retina?

Neural layer and pigmented layer

Which muscle decreases its diameter to constrict or contract the pupil?

Sphincter pupillae

What is responsible for the 'red eye' reflection in flash photography?


Which part of the eye connects the choroid with the circumference of the iris?

Ciliary body

What fills the anterior segment of the eyeball, suspensory ligament, and ciliary body?

Aqueous humor

Which structure on the internal surface of the ciliary body secretes aqueous humor?

Ciliary processes

What is the central aperture in the iris called?


What controls the thickness and focus of the lens in the eye?

Ciliary body

What nerve provides innervation to the cornea?

Ophthalmic nerve (CN V1)

Which layer of the eyeball is responsible for nourishing the avascular cornea?


What causes severe pain when small foreign bodies are in contact with the cornea?

Drying of the corneal surface

Where is the limbus of the cornea located?

At the junction of sclera and cornea

Which layer forms the largest part of the vascular layer of the eyeball?


What is responsible for supplying the light-sensitive layer of the retina with oxygen and nutrients?


What is the function of the central retinal artery in the retina?

Supplies blood to the neural layer of the retina

Which structure appears darker at the posterior pole of the eyeball?

Macula lutea

How are the layers of the developing retina separated in the embryo?

By intraretinal space

What is the significance of detachment of the retina?

Detachment can lead to loss of vision and requires medical attention

What is the function of an ophthalmoscope in examining the eye?

To view the fundus of the eye

Where do retinal arteries and veins radiate from over the fundus in the eye?

From the optic disc

What is the function of the fibrous layer of the eyeball?

Offers resistance and gives shape to the eyeball

Which part of the eye is visible through the transparent bulbar conjunctiva as 'the white of the eye'?


How does the convexity of the cornea compare to that of the sclera?

The cornea has greater convexity than the sclera

From where does the cornea receive its nourishment?

Lacrimal fluid and aqueous humor

Which part of the eye covers the posterior five sixths of the eyeball?


What provides attachment for both extrinsic and intrinsic muscles of the eye?


Explore the vascular layer of the eyeball and its role in flash photography. Learn about the ciliary body, its structure, function, and its connection to the iris and lens.

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