Analyzing a Poem About a Wishing Well

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What is the central emotion the poem aims to evoke in the reader?


Which of the following best describes the narrative arc of the poem?

The speaker's journey to the wishing well and making a wish

How does the poem convey a sense of vulnerability and intimacy?

By using the phrase 'my whispered wish'

What does the line 'In the depths, there's nothing lost' suggest about the wishing well?

The well has a magical, restorative quality

How does the poem's use of imagery contribute to the emotional resonance of the wishing well?

By using metaphors and personification to imbue the well with a sense of life and agency

What does the phrase 'my soul is bathed in light' suggest about the speaker's emotional state while at the wishing well?

The speaker feels a sense of peace and tranquility

How does the poem's structure contribute to its narrative and emotional impact?

The use of stanzas and line breaks helps to build a sense of anticipation and contemplation

What does the line 'All my dreams are softly tossed' suggest about the speaker's relationship to their dreams and wishes?

The speaker feels their dreams are being carefully and reverently preserved

How does the poem's use of sensory imagery contribute to its emotional impact?

The use of auditory imagery, like the 'whispered wish,' heightens the intimacy and vulnerability of the experience

What does the poem's emphasis on the 'depths' of the wishing well suggest about the speaker's inner emotional landscape?

The speaker is exploring the hidden, mysterious aspects of their psyche

Study Notes

## Poem About A Wishing Well

A wishing well is a source of hope and desire, often found in gardens or parks. Here's a poem about a wishing well that explores its emotional resonance and narrative:

> In the garden where I wander,
> Stands a well so old and high,
> Where my heart may echo wonder,
> 'Round its rim, I cast my eye.
> By the mossy stones, I kneel,
> And my whispered wish takes flight,
> To the depths below, it can't conceal,
> How my soul is bathed in light.
> In the depths, there's nothing lost,
> In the waters, nothing broken,
> All my dreams are softy tossed,
> In the well of hope, unspoken.

### Emotions Evoked by the Poem

The poem invokes feelings associated with hope and nostalgia. It inspires emotions like wonder and optimism through its imagery of an old well that holds the power to make wishes come true. The act of kneeling by the stones and whispering a wish creates a sense of vulnerability and intimacy, which can evoke feelings of emotional connection and longing for a better future.

### Narrative of the Poem

The narrative of this poem is driven by the journey of the speaker as they approach the wishing well. It describes how their heart echoes with wonder and they feel bathed in light while making their wish. This journey also represents a wider human experience of seeking solace and hope amidst difficult times or when faced with dreams that seem unattainable.

The final lines allude to the depths below the well being a place where nothing is lost, implying that even after we cast our wishes into the well, they are still remembered within us or somewhere beyond. The idea that one's wishes might not immediately be fulfilled but still hold value suggests resilience and encourages readers to continue striving towards their goals.

Explore the emotions and narrative evoked by a poem centered around a wishing well. Delve into themes of hope, nostalgia, wonder, and optimism as the speaker interacts with the well and casts their whispered wishes. Understand the deeper meanings behind the imagery and symbolism within the verses.

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