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In amplitude modulation (AM), what property of the sinusoidal signal remains constant?

The frequency, $\omega_c$

Which of the following devices is commonly used for amplitude modulation?


If the modulation depth of a double-sideband (DSB) signal is 100%, what is the ratio of the maximum amplitude to the minimum amplitude?


In a diode amplitude modulator, which of the following frequency components are present in the diode current?

Carrier frequency, sidebands, and their harmonics

Which of the following is NOT a reason for amplitude modulation?

Increasing the carrier frequency

In which application is amplitude modulation commonly used?

Radio broadcasting (AM radio)

What is the equation representing a special filter used in this type of modulation?

[ F(𝜔 − 𝜔𝑐 )] + [ F(𝜔 + 𝜔𝑐 )]

In amplitude modulation, what happens to the modulation depth if the modulating signal is doubled?

The modulation depth remains the same

What are the frequency components present in the diode current in amplitude modulation?

Carrier frequency and two sidebands

What is a key application of Amplitude Modulation (AM) in communication systems?

Analog television broadcasting

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Nonlinear Devices in modulation?

Have a linear input-output relationship

What does Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) allow in terms of signal transmission?

Sending multiple signals using a single carrier wave

What is the modulation depth of the DSB-LC (AM) signal given by $\phi_{AM}(t) = \cos\omega_c t + 0.3 \cos\omega_m t\cos\omega_c t$?


What is the frequency of the envelope of the SSB-LC (AM) modulated signal $\phi_{SSB\pm LC}(t) = \cos\omega_c t + 0.3 \cos\omega_m t\cos\omega_c t - j0.3 \cos\omega_m t\sin\omega_c t$?


Which of the following is a common application of Amplitude Modulation (AM)?

Radio broadcasting

In a nonlinear device, such as a diode, the current can be expressed as a power series of the applied voltage. Which of the following terms represents the frequency components present in the diode current when an AM signal is applied?

All of the above

What is the main advantage of using Vestigial Sideband (VSB) modulation for video signal transmission?

It requires a smaller bandwidth than Double Sideband (DSB) modulation

In the expression for the envelope of the SSB-LC (AM) signal, $r(t) = \sqrt{[A + f(t)]^2 + [\hat{f}(t)]^2}$, what does the term $A$ represent?

The carrier amplitude

Test your knowledge on Amplitude Modulation as explained in Chapter 4 by Dr. Hikmat Al-Shamary & Dr. Tariq M. Salman. Explore the types of modulation such as Continuous Wave (CW) Modulation and Pulse Modulation.

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