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Who directed American History X?

Tony Kaye

Which actor plays the older brother in the film?

Edward Norton

What was the budget for filming American History X?

$20 million

Who wrote the script for American History X?

David McKenna

In which city are the two brothers from in the film?

Los Angeles

Study Notes

American History X

  • Directed by Tony Kaye


  • The older brother, Derek Vinyard, is played by Edward Norton


  • The budget for filming American History X was approximately $20 million


  • The script for American History X was written by David McKenna


  • The two brothers, Derek and Danny Vinyard, are from Venice Beach, California

Test your knowledge of the influential 1998 film "American History X" with this quiz. Explore the themes, characters, and plot of the movie, which delves into the complexities of racism, redemption, and family dynamics.

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